Area of operations

The guiding light of Sacha Calmon - Misabel Derzi Consultores e Advogados is specialization and it acts in the practice of Tax Law.

Excellence in the Practice of Tax Law

Sacha Calmon – Misabel Derzi Consultores e Advogados is a firm specialized in the practice of Tax Law, both in litigation (judicial and administrative) and counseling (drafting of legal opinions and advices).

The firm caters to various sectors of the economy, especially in the segments of Telecommunications, Steel, Mining, Oil and Petrochemical, Energy, Financial Markets, Wholesale Trade, Construction, Private Security and Transport.

Our team consists of an extraordinary group of professionals, including renowned professors, who have vast experience in Tax Law. It is divided in smaller teams by economic sector, what guarantees that our professionals have broad domain of the client’s core business.


Judicial and Administrative Litigation

Defending or presenting petitions before Courts; Risk and Strategic analysis;
Close relationship with the client’s staff and accounting department;
Preparation of periodic reports according to the pattern determined by the client;
Periodical update and follow-up of the cases;
Representation in leading cases through personal presence of the partners in the Higher Courts (STJ and STF);
Cases follow-up in the Higher Courts (STJ and STF).

Legal Consulting and Issuance of Legal Opinions

Consultancy through legal opinions drafted
on the most diverse tax problems;
Issuance of legal opinions on highly complex tax matters;
Tax planning.